It’s Your Face AND Health–What You Need to Know:
Idaho does NOT require a license for permanent cosmetics–anyone can do it anywhere without passing a test! A bad microblading or makeup tattoo on your face is permanent until removed, IF it can be. Each process is invasive which means exposure to blood, so blood-borne pathogen (disease) control is critical to protect your health. But Idaho does NOT require health department inspections of cosmetic tattoo artists, their equipment, or facilities. Permanent makeup is not a service to buy at the lowest price or on impulse! It is an investment in YOU, so please research to find the most qualified professional…you are definitely worth it!

Why Choose Artistic Cosmetic Solutions?
Dr. Laura Reed meets the highest standards for permanent cosmetics: Artistry, safety, knowledge, and experience. Her permanent makeup is natural looking and customized to your face and preferences. As an Optometric Physician, her ability to follow strict infection control standards is second nature. She is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and a Fellow in the American Academy of Micropigmentation —credentials that are examination-based and recognized internationally. Since 2006, she has performed over 7,000 procedures on women and men of all ages and races. She has contributed to two books and has been an expert witness in court. Her loyal patients travel from all over Idaho, other states, and other countries. They give referrals and excellent reviews because she truly cares about them and strives to make them happy.

What Permanent Makeup Fees Include:
Pre-procedure instructions; consultation; complete medical history and review; measurement and analysis of face and features; makeup design with patient’s final approval; custom color blending of pigments; sterile single-use needles and digital safety equipment; disposable protective coverings on exposed surfaces and correct disinfection; after care kit with supplies and instructions; one follow-up procedure (touch-up) within 90 days. Initial procedures are 3-4 hours and follow-ups 2-3 hours depending on procedure type.

Permanent Makeup Fees (New Patients):
Eyebrows – Enhancement or Full Creation
  Digital Microblading, Hair Strokes, Powder, Combination, or Shading Technique
Naturaliner™ Eyelash Enhancement (very subtle look)
  Lower Eyelids Only
  Upper Eyelids Only
  Upper AND Lower Eyelids
Eyeliner (includes Naturaliner™ Eyelash Enhancement)
  Lower Eyelids Only (up to medium thickness line tattooed)
  Upper Eyelids Only (up to medium thickness line tattooed)
  Upper AND Lower Eyelids (up to medium thickness line tattooed)
  Extra charge for Designer Eyeliners—Layered Colors, Wings, or Thick*
(*Extra fee applies if upper eyelid hood requires thick tattooing to achieve desired look.)
Lip Liners and Full Lip Color
  Soft Lip Liner with Blending (up to average size lips)
  Full Lip Color (includes defined or soft liner; up to average size lips)

Permanent Makeup Done by Another Artist
Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by anyone else is not “just a touch-up” for Dr. Reed since it was not her original work. Therefore, fees for any new patient—regardless of how much old permanent makeup is left—are the new permanent makeup prices. Additional charges will apply if extensive shape and/or symmetry correction is required or pigment removal is necessary.

Permanent Makeup Maintenance (Color Refresh)
Maintenance fees apply only to returning patients of Dr. Reed who need touch-ups of her work. Fees vary according to length of time since last procedure, amount of fading, and work required. Maintenance fees do NOT include a follow-up visit. Eyebrows: $125-$200; Eyeliner: $175-$300; Lips: $200-$350. NOTE: These discounted maintenance fees do not apply to a current patient who goes to another artist and then returns to Dr. Reed. That patient will be considered “new” again and the full current fee will be charged.

Permanent Makeup Lightening or Removal
Dr. Reed is certified to remove (lift) or lighten pigment using a non-laser method. If you are a candidate, the fee will depend on the location of the makeup tattoo (e.g. brows, eyes) and number of sessions for satisfactory lightening. Multiple sessions are almost always necessary for best results. Minimum fee is $100 on up. A consultation is required and a quote will be given then.

Areola-Nipple Tattooing for Breast Cancer Patients: Post-Mastectomy
The 1998 Federal Breast Reconstruction Law (Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998) requires medical insurance plans to cover reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. This includes 3-D Areola-Nipple tattooing. Dr. Reed often accepts insurance payment for this procedure, so please call the office with your insurance information.

Micro-Needling Treatments
One single full-facial treatment: $150. Package of 2 facial treatments: $285.00. Package of 3 facial treatments for $425. Package of 4 facial treatments: $525. Several treatments are usually necessary for desired results; a series of 3-4 are recommended.

Payment Methods and Gift Certificates
Payment in full must be made when services are rendered. Cash, personal checks, debit and credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Gift certificates can be purchased for any procedure. They are valid for one year and cannot be exchanged for cash.

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Fees and policies are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone.